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Objective vs subjective - in terms of relational databases

9 minute read Published: 2022-01-21

I've been reading some philosophy books lately, and the way my mind likes to reason about things always comes back to my software development background. On the matter of the subjective versus objective points of view, my brain immediately thought about how this would be represented in a relational database structure.


Adding macros to Laravel Eloquent models

6 minute read Published: 2020-03-10

Maybe it's not the most elegant solution. Maybe even it isn't the right one. But I needed to explore this option, test it's viability and decide afterwards.


On the importance of knowing names... and Maximum Cardinality Matching in Bipartite Graphs

7 minute read Published: 2019-06-11

It happened to me recently. I was developing the backend for a web application, and this apparently easy and trivial problem resulted to be a complicated one. It was similar to other problems I've dealt with in the past - but the solution was not the same as the one in any of those.


2019 Challenge: MVP #1 - Startups From The Bottom newsletter community

4 minute read Published: 2019-01-04

As stated in this post, one of my goals for this year is to make a functioning and testable MVP every two months. Over the past weeks I've been listing potential ideas, and settled on which one would be my first MVP.


2019 Personal Challenge: an MVP every two months

3 minute read Published: 2018-12-22

Inspired by posts and stories from the different sources I read daily (like Indiehackers, Startups from the bottom, The hustle, and others) it's been a while since I wanted to start implementing ideas and test if they were good enough to become a viable product. And what a better date to set as the starting line than the beginning of a new year!


Lessons learned at my first game jam

4 minute read Published: 2018-12-20

A few months ago, me and two fellow indie hackers went to a local game jam, in which the only requirement was to make a game with the motto: “it wasn’t designed for this”.


How I setup my own mail server in DigitalOcean (and almost fail at the very last step)

11 minute read Published: 2018-12-16

TL;DR, Fully functional mail server with web client configured with Docker in DigitalOcean, using Mailgun as a relay server

Don't feel like reading? Check out the Github repo here!